Our Review Process

Our goal at The Fit House is to help you find the best equipment for you, your goals and your budget. Everyone has their own priorities when it comes to buying fitness gear. That’s why we do a deep dive into each aspect of these products and report back to you on what we find. Our comprehensive and transparent evaluation of fitness equipment will make it easy for you to shop these products online and feel confident in your decisions. 

Here, we will take you through how we test and evaluate the equipment found on our reviews.

Our Rating System

Rather than give each machine a single number rating like some other review sites do, we rank how the product performs across a number of categories. We know you will weigh factors differently based on your individual needs and preferences. 

Our transparent rating guide clearly illustrates how the product performs across a broad range of categories. This also makes it easier for you to compare different pieces of equipment.

Factors in Hands-on Testing

We actually have a “fit house” where we put products through our tests. Our expert panel uses the equipment and rates it accordingly. We want the full experience of using these items so we can paint an accurate picture for you. 

After we conclude a category test, we give the machine a score between 1 and 5. Each score is aimed at giving you an accurate read into the function, convenience, usability, and customer satisfaction of the machine.

Although the specifics surrounding each of our tests vary slightly from item to item, we assess all of the following when applicable:

portability icon

Footprint and Portability

How easily can we move and store the product? Larger pieces like treadmills and ellipticals take up quite a bit of room. We want to know what it’s like to fold, move and put the equipment away. We also assess the size of the equipment. Items that take up a lot of space aren’t ideal for smaller homes.

delivery icon

Delivery and Assembly

What is the process like getting the equipment from the manufacturer? Some places offer multiple delivery options, including expert set-up. If you have to do assembly on your own, we evaluate the ease of doing so. 

durability icon


Can the equipment withstand normal wear and tear? If you are investing your money into equipment, you want to know it’s built to last. Additionally, we assess how these items feel while in use. For example, does a treadmill shake or vibrate under your feet?

customization icon


Your particular fitness needs will look different from someone else’s. Therefore, we evaluate what types of customizations are available, such as resistance levels on an elliptical or incline on a treadmill. 

adjustability icon

Adjustability and Ergonomics

Ergonomics matter! Does the equipment have accommodations to make the experience better for the consumer, such as an adjustable seat on a bike? 

tech capabilities icon

Tech Capabilities

These days, people want everything to connect to their smartphones. We give a full report on each piece of equipment’s tech capabilities. Our reviewers evaluate features such as Bluetooth technology and app connectivity.

aesthetic icon


We know some people will store a treadmill or other machine in a basement, but others may have it somewhere highly visible to guests. Therefore, we report on if the equipment is designed well and if it’s visually appealing.

dynamic programming icon

Dynamic Programming

Today’s cardio machines and fitness equipment often come with at least basic workout programs. We take a look at how integrated that programming is. Is it easy to use, and are there more advanced options like studio classes and one-on-one interactive training?

customer reviews icon

Customer Reviews

We know what WE think about the products, but it also matters what other people say. Our team researches product reviews from other people who have bought and used the equipment to give you a comprehensive picture of how the item performs. 

value icon


This is a simple comparison to let you know if you’re getting your money’s worth. We look at similarly priced items to determine how the product in particular ranks.

warranty icon

Warranty, Financing and Returns

These are two important aspects of any fitness equipment purchase. First, if you’re not happy with the product, we assess what you can expect when trying to return it. That includes the window of opportunity to ship the item back as well as fees you might incur. We also evaluate the product’s warranty and compare it to warranties on similar items.

customer service icon

Customer Service

Our team actually goes through the entire user experience from start to finish. Along the way, we make note of the company’s customer service. Are they available, informative and friendly?