The Fit House Advertising Disclosure

Our mission is simple: We want to help our readers make informed decisions when purchasing home gym equipment. 

We are fully transparent about how we test and evaluate those products. This process is possible because we have affiliate partnerships with a number of fitness companies across the industry and e-tailers such as Amazon.

These partnerships do not sway the way we evaluate the products on our site. Our experts solely base their recommendations on their research and personal use of the equipment. The affiliate partners we have are not able to pay for reviews or preferable placement. 

Keeping inline with our commitment to transparency, our disclosures are as follows:

  • The Fit House has cost-per-click and affiliate fee agreements with companies in the fitness industry. These agreements are tied to product links and the commissions they generate.
  • The Fit House also is part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, through which we receive commissions from when a reader purchases a product via a link to Amazon from our website. 

Our commitment to ethical reviews:

  • We do not nor will we ever accept payments from companies to promote their products, nor to push inferior products. 
  • We do occasionally receive free products from companies for us to review. This does not, however, guarantee a positive review or ranking placement. 
  • If a reader purchases a product from one of our partners through using a link on our site, we receive a commission. If that reader returns the product, the commission is also returned.